Where We Are:

If recent events have not convinced you that Washington is broken and that The Demo-RINO D.C. Beltway coalition is never going to free themselves from their crony – lobby supporters, return to Constitutional Principles, and begin to govern in the interest of the American People, then you are either stupid, senile, or both.

Our Freedom and Constitution Hang by Threads:

President Obama, with help from Harry Reed and no opposition from complicit RINOs has evoked the Nuclear option for D.C. District judge appointments. You can expect the 50 vote option will be extended to legislation filibusters in the near future. The result of these actions could assure passage of Immigration reform before the next 2014 election. With lifetime appointments of ultra-progressive judges on the D. C. Circuit Obama’s Regulations and Executive Orders will be almost impossible to reverse. Here comes  Energy, Gun Control., National Health Care. These radical appointments will assure the Socialist transformation continues beyond Obama’s tenure.

The Beltway RINOs have Forsaken You and Your Neighbors

The inability of Republican Party to provide over-sight and seek redress under the law for what has become one of the most corrupt and lawless regimes in history is unbelievable. Scandals like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS ,NSA-PRISM, Voter-Fraud, Immigration non-enforcement are protected by Legislative hearings (often closed door) where evidence is forever with-held, and witnesses are let slide as critical questions are often over-looked.

The RINO Republican leadership adopts the same positions as the regime – assuring only token opposition. Any opposition is frozen in place by fear of the socialist DC- NY Press establishment and throttled by lobbyists for cheap labor, regulation spinners, anti-business, energy cronies, pro social welfare advocacy organizations and too-often,  personal silent acquiescence for socialist evolution. They are further cowed by their fear of a conservative Tea Party rebellion that will alter their power sharing arrangement with their Democratic Beltway Partners.

Only Token RINO opposition has yielded huge “Omnibus” bills like Obamacare and and outright collaboration on the “gang of eight” immigration” bill. RINO refusal to use the power of the purse to stop their economy destroying monsters completely defies the will of the American People.  The RINOS Join with Demos to castigate and undermine conservative opposition from Republicans like Ted Cruz Mike Lee, and Ken Cucinelli, by withdrawing funds, running opposition Republican candidates, or publicly denouncing their efforts.

These acts of political malpractice have resulted thousands of pages of unenforceable regulations and ever increasing spending, with the worst yet to come. The policies to float the debt are debasing our currency. Commodity prices have increased 20%-80% due to shrinking dollar and easy money printing (quantitative Easing). Inevitable bankrupting inflation is on the Horizon. 

RINO-Demo purposeful looting and regulation throttling of the private sector has led to a real unemployment rate of over 13% and the lowest labor participation this century. Cost of living increases for Unearned subsistence for food stamps has increased by thirty percent while earned social security cost-of living benefits have only been increased by 1.5 percent. Advertising and special promotions have made food stamps the Government’s most popular program.

Forty-nine percent of the American people receive some form of public assistance in a drive to rob them of their agency and self-reliance and harness them to fund the beltway pie. Joining Demos in a political appeal to deviant public tastes and appetites ihas contributed the debasing of morality and social values.

D. C. Beltway Coalition practices politics as a game where all vie for a bigger piece of the insider-trading crony funded pie they share.The Progressive RINO and Democratic leadership oversee the spoils and compete for control of the oven. The interests American people are very rarely represented or served and are only viewed or considered as a source funding for the ever enlarging pie. 

It is Time To Act

If you are still reading this you probably are, as we are, sure that we must act to take our country back if we are to keep our freedom, agency, and Constitution. In order to accomplish this purpose the Tea Party must unify many diverse groups, Organize them with common goals and unite in strategic action to implement universal tactics. It is time for a summit to organize for action.

A Winning Tactic

We advocate for unified support, across all major Tea Party groups, for the Constitution of States Project to promote organizing in support of sponsoring State Constitution Amendment Conventions in all states. A unified multi-group Tea-Party project should concentrate on building an organization down to the district Level to work for selecting and running state Legislative candidates that will support an Article V amendment process in each state. Rallying primary candidates in RINO districts and for coalescing into a third Party movement—If it is ever necessary.

All Our Abilities and available time will be be dedicated to this effort and We Suggest you do the same.


Last Presidential election an intense rally and get out the vote effort by Freedom Works, Tea Party Patriots, the Christian Coalition and others resulted in at least four million conservative voters staying home that voted in the 2008 election. Most recently, a very good and brave Ken Cuccinelli, who stood up to the crony D. C. Corridor rail lobby, BELTWAY DEMO-RINO RULING CLASS, and shared the philosophy that brought us into politics, was beaten because he could not martial the resources to overcome a cut-off of GOP funding and a Demo Placed “Libertarian” spoiler candidate.

Some have dismissed the inability to generate turn-out in the last 2012 election due to the GOP Candidate choice, RINO Mitt Romney (whom I actually respect but disagree with many of his political solutions), and a very poorly run election strategy.  This may be partly true, but we feel there are other reasons Tea Party efforts failed that have not been discussed. As Cuccinelli’s loss underscores, we will not win consistently until we address all of our flaws that lead to these unfavorable outcomes.

These flaws in organization and strategies must be must be corrected if Patriots have any hope of actually reclaiming their country from the Beltway Demo-RINO Crony lobby establishment. Right now we are not proactive and almost totally reactive and fighting a series of withdrawal skirmishes with only limited success. This blog is meant to be a wake-up rant for any that choose to listen. Continue reading


The Obamacare “Fix” that most RINO GOP Legislators led By Mitch McConnell are advocating may be worse than the government produced Obamacare Website tragedy foreshadows. There are a number of reasons that indicate that the Obama, as he told the SEIU union in 2008, intended to speed the demise of healthcare and create conditions that would morph the failed system into a single-payer government system within ten to fifteen years.  It turns out that it probably won’t take that long because Obama thought he might have opposition. In actuality the Corrupt Beltway GOP RINOS are more interested in feathering their nests (as most Demos are) by harvesting the lobbyist and insider trading benefits of government change. Expert at political theater they are the tip of Obama’s spear. Continue reading


What Would A Government  Shutdown Do?

Progressive Statist Republicans and Democrats have greatly overstated the effects of a Government shutdown. Statists such as President Obama, supported by a slavish press and complicit statist Republicans, have created inflamed a myth of catastrophe to throw fear into the hearts of the uninformed. If just not funding the Government could get rid of it, believe me, it would have been tried in 2010. It has built-in perpetuation mechanisms that lack of funding can’t effect. Currently the Government collects 260 B., yes that is Billions of dollars a month, which is more than enough to pay its debit interest and fund its entitlement obligations. (1)

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Katrina Pierson commenced her campaign to primary GOP party hack And GOP House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions (A John Boehner Henchman that claims “conservative” credentials) with a stellar and articulate statement that coincides with our own feelings and, we feel the the feelings of the great silent majority in this country.

It is our feeling that her articulate statement should become the Manifesto for all those  that have the ability to put their beliefs in to action and run in the 2014 Mid-term election. Her cry for restored Government by and for the people will be heeded and, we hope acted upon.

Her journey will be very tough for we know that Karl Rove and ilk, are rallying their Fat-Cat republican donors (Who financed an attempt to ram Amnesty down your throats, while urging you to wait to stop ObamaCare until after millions were enrolled) to finance the establishment Sessions campaign and preserve the Washington Power Structure. She needs all the help she can get. Please contribute to her Cause and Join FreedomWorks to help on phone or canvassing, if you live in Texas. You can help at http://www.katrinaforcongress.com/

Read carefully what she has said in this statement and let it become your rallying cry everywhere you go during the coming mid-terms. I have also attached a letter from Conservative House Republicans disclosing how shenanigans from Sessions as rules chairman can hamper the effects of our freedom fighters in the House. Continue reading


In a visit today the Florida Studio of E.I.B. network Mike lee and Rush Limbaugh made a very cogent case for joining the effort to Defund Obamacare on the continuing Resolution..

As Senator Lee says, you have Democrats and some old lion power broker Republicans vocally against  the House exercising the power of the purse and funding everything but Obamacare on the up comming continuing resolution face off because it is DC against the rest of us. The issue of unfundig draws the same battle lines that led to the rise of the TeaParty abd the landside to elect aGOP House Majority to repeal obamacare.

The original law has been modified 4 times twice by the supreme court to bend it to fit the constitution and twice illegally and unconstitutionally by Obama. Additionally the law is proving difficult to implement, requires a monumental dose of extra funding to enroll participants.


Interview: Senator Mike Lee Explains the Plan to Defund Obamacare – The Rush Limbaugh Show



Not all great men are famous and so it was with Harold. I am not sure what he did for a living, but he may have mentioned the building industry in a discussion in my home. He was great, in my eyes, not for what he did but more for how he lived. I hope this blog entry will convey why I believe him to be on a par with other great men I have revered and or known during my life.

We were away on a trip to California, and returned to find that he had passed away. I was busy preparing for the trip and did not get a chance to check the blog (see “We Choose Faith” ) he and his loving wife maintained, posting the history of his battle with Melanoma seeds in his brain before we left. I left with a kernel of hope and a prayer for him as I knew his life was in the Lords hands as his condition had progressed to critical. His funeral was held on the day we were flying back to Colorado. I regret not being able to pay my respects with the others that knew and respected him. Continue reading


We urge all Coloradans to read and study the following:

The Senate will in all probability pass the immigration bill as amended this week.  The so called Corker-Hoven Amendment will include the original bill as discussed in the link. This amendment only includes some kickbacks and portions of the stimulus to pay off those whose support was needed to get the bill Passed. The bill will still be included with waiver provisions and leaves fencing and other security up to the discretion of Janet Napolitano. The bill as written and amended does nothing to protect the border and even makes the current situation worse. It even givers special preferences to law breakers ordinary citizens do not enjoy under law. It is a treasonous affront to all liberty loving Americans.

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Elbert Guillory-Free At Last….Free at last

If The Republican leadership really felt and articulated the ideals espoused by this great American, the Republican party would never lose another election. This wise leader is moving away from big government and The Democratic party of Obama, Schumer, Reed, and Pelosi as fast as his legs will carry him. Boehner, Rove, Haley Barbour and the rest of the leadership are running toward big government and accommodating Obama’s Agenda as fast as they can. Why?


The members of the Senate and House Committees are listed and linked to their Web Sites below.  Minimally, these representatives have supported and remained silent about the changes to FISA rules that allowed NSA to spend billions building a facility in Utah to further massive data collection and mining about US citizens without their Knowledge or consent.(PRISM) They all have been willing to trade your freedom for their security without your consent. Most only have a vague idea what Meta Data is or how vulnerable databases are and how suseptable they are to intrusion by modern data mining and other hacking techniques. The programmers that construct them move back and forth between the private and public sectors with knowledge that allows for easy intrusion.

Senate Intelligence Committee