Marco Rubio’s Immigration Roots


By Stephen Richardson

They say the tree doesn’t fall very far from its roots. The Florida GOP establishment was shocked when ambitious Marco Rubio came out of the Florida State Legislature with an ultra-conservative appeal and tea party support to snatch the Senate seat away from establishment candidate “Charlie” Crist. When ambitious Senator Rubio arrived in Washington, it was his conservative voters and tea party hopefuls turn to be shocked and disappointed.

Instead of joining with other tea party backed Senate candidates like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee that also had bucked the establishment and won, Senator Rubio made a B line to link up with GOP establishment progressive Senators John McKay and Lindsey Graham and another newly elected tea party supported Senator Jeff Flake. This apparently unlikely alliance then moved quickly form the bi-partisan “Gang of Eight” Comprehensive Immigration group. They joined hands in unholy alliance with progressives Senators Schumer, Dick Durban, Michael Bennet, and Robert Menendez to work on a bill that would become the multiple phone book thick aberration that was to close the border, set immigration policies, STEM quotas, and facilitate documenting and legalizing all illegals now in the United States. (11 million – 28million- no one is sure how many). 1,2

It is not a giant leap to a conclusion that, based on his roots, that Marco’s alliance and move to comprehensive immigration reform was no accident and was planned and orchestrated as a purposeful result the result of careful planning by Marco and his close backers and associates. It is no overstep to surmise that Marco has willingly been groomed to implement immigration reform and fully intends to do so if he is elected President- no matter what he says. One just needs to look to his staff decisions , supporters and long-tern associates to gain insight..

A look at the article “Rubio’s Inner Circle” in the Houston Chronicle, reprinted from an April 15, 2015 Ed O’Keefe article in the Washington Post, discloses a host associates and campaign hires that have ties to establishment candidates, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Rod Portman. Whit Aires Rubio’s pollster, likewise has ties to the establishment DC GOP and is a prime advocate of extending party appeal to ”new Demographic realities”. Alex Burgos, Rubio’s spokesman came to Rubio from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We all know where they stand on immigration reform.3

Even more telling is Rubio’s 16 year association with Enrique Gonzales that began when both served on the Miami Chamber of Commerce. Gonzales, a noted immigration lawyer left a lucrative partnership with international Immigration law firm, Fragomen where he was helping large corporations legally circumvent immigration laws to go to Washington with Rubio and craft comprehensive immigration reform. He was praised by Dick Durbin as making an inestimable contribution in writing much of the behemoth 1066 page comprehensive immigration reform bill with Chuck Schumer’s Staff. He also, during their early years introduced Marco to Billionaire Norman Braman, who has actually given Marco and his wife employment and supplemented their income to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars and has earmarked 10 million dollars for Marco’s Presidential campaign.4

Billionaire Norman Braman was just a millionaire when William French Smith nominated him to head up the Reagan immigration Department and use his management skills to get it organized to implement Reagan’s “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” in April of 1981. Democrat Antonin Mazzoli and Senate dupe Republican Allan Simpson may have made a deal to hold up Braman’s appointment because, one might surmise, the Democrats were not yet ready for Comprehensive immigration reform yet, as citizenship would only primarily be extended to 3 1/2 million Mexicans located in California. Mr. Braman confidently looked forward to developing an atmosphere and organization that would provide Cubans, Dominicans, and all Immigrants a better path to citizenship. He withdrew his name from nomination in October of 1981, becoming frustrated with the process. Mr. Braman has always expressed support for Miami’s immigrant population and maintained ties with immigration advocates and lawyers in Miami-Dade-Palm Beach areas, but one of his biggest projects has always been Marco Rubio. We can’t say for sure how Mr. Braman’s support I for Rubio relates to his prior involvement with Reagan’s reform which Democrats have gutted -and if he still vitally interested in a new Comprehensive Immigration Amnesty Bill that would extend U.S. employment rights and citizenship rights to as many as 28 million undocumented illegals. We Wonder? 5,6,7,8

While talking about Rubio’s big money donors and bundlers, we need to talk about billionaire Paul Singer, who announced his support for Rubio on October 30, 2015. Now that his other political project, same sex marriage is, in effect, the law of the land he is turning his full attention one of his other favorite projects – immigration reform. 8 Mr. Singer a noted bundler has ties to such immigration reform favoring notables as Rupert Murdoch, Roone Aldrich, lobbyist Haley Barbour, Michael Bloomberg and organizations such as Club for Growth and National Immigration Forum. 9,10

As this is being written, reports have surfaced that backers of Speaker Paul Ryan, including many Club for Growth, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and National immigration Forum members are in a planning and fund raising meeting about Senator Rubio’s Presidential Campaign. Rumors also abound of amnesty favoring Paul Ryan Vice-Presidency.

Senator Rubio, in speaking about immigration reform post Gang of Eight now emphasizes “closing the border first”, fixing the job database, instituting the E-verify employment database, and a staged grant of citizenship to Illegals. In other words, his current Presidential policy is virtually the same Comprehensive Gang of Eight policy staged in a series of smaller bites rather than a big gulp. His stance and commitment as changed very little on the immigration issue. But then, how could it possibly change considering his roots and background.11,12

Finally I include A paper Senator Sessions wrote for the new Republican majority, shortly after the 2012 election. Called the 13 IMMIGRATION HANDBOOK FOR THE NEW REPUBLICAN MAJORITY, it offered a winning election immigration Strategy for Republicans. Unfortunately for Republicans like Rubio and Leader McConnell, only Donald Trump, with Senator Sessions on the stage, announced he had adopted the proposals. His immigration stand is fundemental to his longevity in leading the polls for Republican nomination to be President. It is included here because it is my belief that all Americans should read what patriot Senator Sessions has to say.


1 HOW MANY ILLEGALS RESIDE IN THE UNITED STATES This article from the excellent site COLORADO ALLIANCE FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM gives information and source links to articles that relate the difficulties in measuring the illegal immigrant population and provide methods and reliable estimates that place the real population of illegal immigrants at over 20 million. See also: 2 IMMIGRANT POPULATION TO HIT HIGHEST PERCENTAGE EVER this article cites the future growth in total immigrant population and its effect on our way of life. The Citizens for Immigrant Studies is a site favoring immigration at lower assumable rates. Ziegler and Camarota have written many interesting studies.

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6IMMIGRATION REFORM – NYTIMES.COM – THE NEW YORK TIMES Op Ed on Oct. 24th 1981 by then Attorney General William French Smith relates his plans for immigration reform during the period the administration awaited the appointment of Norman Braman to head up the Dept. of Immigration and Naturalization. Atty. Gen. French and President Reagan desired his organizational skills to accomplish the modernization of the department as stated in this Presidents Nomination of Braman. See 7 RONALD REAGAN: NOMINATION OF NORMAN BRAMAN TO BE COMMISSIONER OF IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION and The New York Times article relating the withdrawal of Braman’s name 8 IMMIGRATION POST LOSES ITS NOMINEE – NYTIMES.COM On Nov. 13, 1981

9 GOP DONOR BACKS IMMIGRATION REFORM – POLITICO this article gives detailed information about Singer’s commitment to immigration reform and the associations in my article. Also note the 10 PAUL SINGER, INFLUENTIAL BILLIONAIRE, THROWS SUPPORT TO MARCO RUBIO FOR PRESIDENT – THE NEW YORK TIMES these two articles make clear that Singer favored Marco over Jeb. Bush to get action on the issues he favors.

11 CONSERVATIVE REVIEW – MARCO RUBIO’S TORTURED PATH ON IMMIGRATION This article by David Horowitz details, along with 12 CONSERVATIVE REVIEW – CRUZ FOUGHT AMNESTY, RUBIO FOUGHT CONSERVATIVES, also by Horowitz, relate the hypocrisy and bias Rubio has shown on the immigration issue. Finally I include A paper Senator Sessions wrote for the new Republican majority. 13 IMMIGRATION HANDBOOK FOR THE NEW REPUBLICAN MAJORITY It offered a winning election immigration Strategy for Republicans. Unfortunately for Republicans like Rubio and Leader McConnell, only Donald Trump adopted the proposals. His immigration stand is fundemental to his longevity in leading the polls for Republican nomination to be President. It is included here because it is my belief that all Americans should read what Senator Sessions has to say.