A Great American Lady, Betsy Garritson, Testifies On IRS

Everyone in America should watch Ms. Garritson’s full testimony. We could not agree with her more. She has experienced the full wrath of the out of control Obama drive to dictate the future course of America. God Bless her for speaking out. 

An Open Letter to Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader

An Open Letter to Representative Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader:

My friend, I am 75 years old and won’t bear the cost of of allowing our uninvited guests to stay..but you an your children will. 

The fact that illegals will pay taxes and this will cover the cost is a myth. Most illegals don’t make enough money to pay taxes….remember the bottom 50% of all US earning households pay no taxes. 

In a landmark report, the Heritage Foundation has rationally looked at the cost-benefit aspects of  Immigration Reform now before congress in its Special Report 131, “The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer” By By Robert Rector and Jason Richwine, Ph.D.

According to their report, linked here more than 80 means-tested welfare benefits (such as food stamps, public housing, and Medicaid) will cost a grand total of $900 million per annum. Clearly the cost of these programs will increase, along with the fact that the federal government will be expected to pay for Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance for all those who are given amnesty. As Heritage eloquently states, a plan to naturalize illegal immigrants probably cost as much as $6.3 trillion, and as About.com-U.S. Government information states, the wealthy will be expected to pay most of it since an overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are poor.

A reading of both of the linked reports will make it clear that the so called “uninformed voters” alarmingly reside in our own elected legislatures. To even consider taking on an additional 6.3 trillion in unfunded liabilities on top of Obama Care Costs and implimentation problems will certainly destroy our economy. Only idiots, uniformed illiterates, or purposeful sabatouers would even consider voting for such insanity.

Which are you representative Cantor, idiot, uninformed illiterate, or puposeful sabatouer?

An Open letter to John Boehner

Open Letter To Speaker John Boehner:

Just a note to let you know that millions of Americans are aware of the following facts:

1. We went over the fiscal cliff long ago — There is no pending fiscal cliff– only rate of free fall.

2. There is no pending tax increase for all Americans. The Bush Tax rates are going to expire and the with holding for the 50% of Americans that pay taxes will increase to the rate they were paying during the Clinton Administration. The uniformed untaxed 47% will not be effected in any way.

3. Your proposal along with the President’s will directly increase the deficit, degrade the currency, and help assure and hasten the destruction of the economy.

4. Neither party has made a proposal to cut real spending since baseline budgeting was instituted in 1972. No one has ever proposed anything resembling a real cut in spending.

5. We are fully aware that the Republican Leadership is allied with Lobbyists, Democrats, and the President in a phoney sham crisis to continue spending at a rate that will destroy the currency and result in the collapse of the economy.

You, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy are corrupt and should be ashamed of yourselves. We can only hope that if you are not punished in this life, you all will pay for your sins in some future life. You need to Man-up,  grow a pair,  and start telling Americans the truth.

The truth is that we are already Greece. The President wants to institute radical post constitutional change that will allow him  to run a statist – marxist- socialist economy with the administrative czars he already has in place after he finishes assuring the total collapse of the economy. The Republican leadership is trying to borrow enough to delay cuts to welfare and food stamp programs to help keep the “Rabble” and Unions out of streets.



 Your First Time Or Any Time….

Legiwatch urges you to vote for experienced capable leadership from men of character

Colorado and our Nation need the services of  Romney, Ryan, Coors, and  Coffman.

Make sure you send Joe Coors And Mike Coffman to help


Mike Coffman is and has been a great congressman for the Sixth Congressional District in Colorado. He is for a balanced budget, financial sanity, and establishing energy independence. He stands for traditional non-progressive American values, opposing the take over healthcare, the underfunding of medicare, the Obama tax increases. Nancy Paolosi and the Democrats have re-redistricted Mike’s District and altered the constituency to include traditional Democratic district in an attempt to install rabid progressive, Obama supporter Miklosi to try to retake the house for Obama. Like most Democrats, Miklosi can’t tell you what he really wants to do, because, if he did, you would not vote for him, so he has resorted to a negative campaign that just shows people who make negative and false claims about Coffman’s record. The add is based on a national template used by the progressives and Unions in Wisconsin to attack Scott Walker and in Florida to attack Col. Allen West. Channel nine has Truth Tested Miklosi’s advertisement, we hope you will watch the video before you waste your vote on an advertisment  that doesn’t even show his Miklosi’s face. This introduction and discussion of the ad was shown on the website KUSA – The 9News Truth Test Team continues to look at political ads. This test looks at an ad from Democrat Joe Miklosi. He is running against Republican Rep. Mike Coffman to represent Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, which includes part of the Denver metro area.

In Miklosi’s latest commercial, we never hear claims from the candidate himself. We just hear from people with some very bold statements about Mike Coffman.

 CLAIM: Coffman voted to end Medicare costing $6,400 more each year. Coffman did not vote to end Medicare. He voted to change some aspects of it. We’ll label the first statement as false. That plan says in 2022, seniors would participate in a “premium support” system. Some people call these vouchers. People would get a fixed amount of money to pay for private health insurance, or keep their current Medicare coverage The claim it could raise costs for seniors by $6,400 a year is only “half-true.” It’s based on outdated research and is unproven, especially if the insurance system changes over the next ten years. CLAIM: Coffman would limit access to birth control. We’ll label this as half-true. Coffman has supported Colorado’s personhood amendment in the past. But it’s not on the ballot this year. If it was, Coffman has said he would not take a position on it. As for whether the personhood amendment could limit some types of birth control. That’s true. Coffman’s spokesman has said Coffman has not talked about limiting birth control. CLAIM: Coffman would outlaw all abortion, even in the cases of rape and incest. This is false. While Coffmans is opposed to abortion in cases of rape and incest, he would not outlaw all abortion. He has publicly stated he would allow abortion to protect the life of the mother. CLAIM: Coffman accused the President of not being an American. This is misleading. It takes a story 9NEWS broke this spring and stretches the truth. Coffman accused the president of not being an American in his heart. He’s never said President Obama is not a U.S. citizen. The bottom line: Miklosi is making some very strong claims against Mike Coffman. The majority of those claims are false and misleading.

(KUSA-TV © 2012 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)


The election is now only weeks away in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District. Republican conservative Joe Coors has challenged progressive Ed Perlmutter. Perlmutter has served since 2008 and has one of the most liberal voting records in congress, fully supporting the Obama – Pelosi agenda progressive house agenda. He has voted for Obama’s first Budget, stimulus, health care bill (taxes and spending), compulsory union card check, voting whenever possible to spend us into oblivian. Perlmutter has a 16 out of 100 rating on the FreedomWorks site, making him one of bigger spenders in the house.

Local media including the Denver Post and television media , in keeping with the National media template of support for progressive causes, only superficially report on the votes of Coloradans’ serving in congress.  Most voters don’t have the time to research candidates and often depend on the often misleading press releases and pronouncements about the federal bacon the more liberal  candidates have brought back to their districts to base their opinions and often place relative uninformed votes. Too often these votes do not reflect the voter’s true opinion about the issues.


Single Click to Access Perlmutter’s Record

For Ratings from 100 + issue Groups For Perlmutters Legiwatch Record Page


We are publishing our election review to provide the information about Senate and House representative vote you may not have seen. We scour he vote tracking sites on the web and present you simple concise summaries that you can download as PDF files to hand out to your neighbors or post at libraries, senior centers, super markets, where ever it is legal to post 

The Coors campaign has published the a handout contasting Joe Coors political positions with those of Perlmutter on a number of issues. As you can see, Coors is infavor of blancing the Federal Budget, repealing the Healthcare law, and is in favor of backing away from the approaching debt bomb. If you expect to return to work, practce self-sufficiency, and support your family, you will most probably find Joe Coors stances on  the issues closer to your own.  On the other hand, if you believe that the post-office efficiency of the government can provide for you and your family and want to surrender many of your basic choices and freedoms to a future of less opportunity until the money runs out, then the progressive positions Perlmutter expouses will probably appeal to you.

Perlmutter vs. Coors On Spending

The Stimulus

The $1 TRILLION spending package, financed by borrowed money, was supposed to keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent. However, unemployment has consistently stayed above 8 percent for the last 39 months and, according to Obama’s own economists, the pork barrel stimulus package has cost taxpayers $278,000 per job.

Perlmutter Voted Yes (1/28/09, Roll Call Vote 1) Coors Would Vote No

Stimulus II

H.R. 12 would have authorized an additional $447 BILLION in borrowed spending, pumping billions into states dominated by public employee unions. The sponsors of this bill, including Ed Perlmutter, sought to pay for it through a series of tax increases on small businesses that employ the majority of Americans and are most responsible for net job creation in the economy

Perlmutter Voted Yes (10/26/11, H.R. 12) Coors Would Vote No

Dodd-Frank Bailout Fund

The Dodd-Frank Act granted the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation “orderly liquidation authority” that provides government bureaucrats with the authority to use taxpayer dollars to bail out the creditors of “too big to fail” institutions. Democrats have claimed that they created this new resolution authority to prevent a replay of the 2008 bailouts of Bear Stearns, AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Citigroup, Bank of America, GM and Chrysler. But, in fact, this $22 BILLION fund would perpetuate the very taxpayer-funded bailout regime it purports to abolish.

Perlmutter Voted Yes (12/11/09, Roll Call Vote 968) Coors Would Vote No

 Fannie & Freddie Bailout

On July 23, 2008, Ed Perlmutter voted for a $300 BILLION taxpayer funded bailout for the government sponsored enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both of which contributed to the housing collapse and resulting financial crisis by encouraging financial institutions to make risky loans to non-creditworthy borrowers.

Perlmutter Voted Yes (7/23/08, Roll Call Vote 519)Coors Would Vote No

Perlmutter vs. Coors On The Budget

 Balanced Budget Amendment

 The Balanced Budget Amendment is a constitutional amendment that would require the government to live within its means like families all across the 7th District.

 Perlmutter Voted No (H.J. Res 2, H.R.2560) Coors Would Vote Yes

  Nancy Pelosi For Speaker

 Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi has been an ardent opponent of reforming how Washington does business. However, Ed Perlmutter has continued to support her leadership. From January 2007 to January 2011, when Nancy Pelosi and Ed Perlmutter served in the House of Representatives together, Ed Perlmutter continued to vote for her as Speaker of the House; as a result, federal spending increased by $5 TRILLION.

 Perlmutter Voted Yes (Roll 2007, Roll 2009, Roll #2 1/5/2011) Coors Votes  No

  Budget Reform

 H.R. 3578, the Baseline Reform Act of 2011, would end the practice of setting budget baselines for discretionary spending that are equal to the prior year’s budget plus inflation. Families and businesses trying to plan their monthly budgets do not schedule automatics increases month after month based on inflation. Neither should Washington politicians when the federal government is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Perlmutter Voted No (H.R.3578) Coors Would Vote Yes

  Budget Transparency

 H.R. 3581, the Budget and Accounting Transparency Act, would change the way the cost of federal loans and loan guarantee programs are calculated in the budget, specifically requiring that premiums for market risk are included in the budget. This would allow the American taxpayer to know the true cost of the promises Washington politicians have made on their behalf and their children’s behalf.

 Perlmutter Voted No (H.R. 3581) Coors Would Vote Yes

Perlmutter Vs. Coors On Promotimg Small Business

 Small Business Tax Cut

H.R. 9 would have allowed businesses with less than 500 employees to receive a 20% deduction against active business income for 2012. Active business income is defined as taxable income or profits less expenses. The passage of this bill would result in a $46 billion tax cut for small businesses. This bill would have allowed for small business owners and their employees to hire more workers, generate additional revenue for the Treasury and help grow the economy.

Perlmutter Voted No (4/19/12, Roll Call 177) Coors Would Vote Yes


 Obamacare has had a crippling impact on small business. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 1 in 5 small-business owners plan to add employees this year. Worse, of the few who plan to hire, an overwhelming 72 percent will only add temporary or part-time positions. Additionally, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey found that more than 73 percent of small business owners and operators believe that the Obama health care plan is “an obstacle” to hiring of new employees. Furthermore, the National Federation of Independent Business estimates that up 1.6 million jobs could be lost because of the new law. They project that more than half of those job losses will come from small businesses.

 Perlmutter Voted Yes (3/21/10, Roll Call 165) Coors Would Vote No(Repeal)

 Abolishing the Secret Ballot On Labor Union Elections

 This bill would have allowed union organizers to forcibly unionize small businesses and deny workers the right to a secret ballot in labor elections. According to a past president of the National Federation of Independent Business, this bill if signed into law would have placed no limits on where an organizer could visit an employee, whether at home or in the parking lot after work.

 Perlmutter Voted Yes (3/1/07, Roll Call 118) Coors Would Vote No


 This bill would have required Congress to take an up-or-down vote on any major rule and require the President to approve all new major rules issued by an executive agency before they can be finalized. A major rule is defined as agency issued rule that has an annual economic impact of $100 million or more. When executive agencies are issuing regulations that affect small business, it is critical that there is legislative oversight and executive accountability to ensure that onerous new requirements are not forced on small business owners and their employees. A no vote would allow agencies to impose regulatios without oversight.

Perlmutter Voted No (12/7/11, Roll Call 901) Coors Would Vote Yes

 Perlmutter Vs. Coors On Energy

Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a pipeline from Canada through the continental United States that would transport crude oil to refineries in the Gulf, helping decrease the dependency on foreign oil. This project alone would create 20,000 direct jobs and up to 130,000 downstream jobs. A completed pipeline would have transferred 700,000 barrels of oil and immediately reduced our dependence on Middle Eastern oil by half.

Perlmutter Voted No (Roll Call Votes 923, 949, 2/16/12 Vote 71) Coors Vote Yes

 Cap and Trade

The Cap and Trade bill would have created a national energy tax on electricity that would be passed on to working families. This bill would cost the economy $161 billion by 2020, which is $1,870 for a family of four. As the bill’s restrictions kick in, that number rises to $6,800 for a family of four by 2035.

Perlmutter Voted Yes (6/26/09 Roll Call Vote 477) Coors Would Vote No

 Federal Lands Exploration

H.R. 3408 would have allowed for greater exploration of shale deposits in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. The GAO estimates that this shale deposit holds tens of millions of barrels of oil, and if even half of the deposit was recovered, it would roughly equal total global oil reserves. Opening up federal lands for safe and responsible energy exploration would decrease our dependency on foreign oil and according to the National Energy Technology Laboratory could create up to 350,000 new jobs.

Perlmutter Voted No (2/16/12 Roll Call Vote 71) Coors Would Vote Yes

 Lifting the Gulf Drilling Moratorium

H.R. 1231 would have reversed President Obama’s ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This bill would make the Department of Interior offer leases for safe and responsible offshore oil and gas development in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico and other areas identified as the most geologically productive to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Perlmutter Voted No (5/12/11 Roll Call Vote 320) Coors Would Vote Yes





Glenn Beck Answers Questions About The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

I have been a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints for nearly fifty years. I have been at times a reluctant member struggling with the challenges and commitment membership provides. In spite of sporadic periods of inactivity and too often a lack of dedication the precepts of the church, The forbearing of stronger, better people have managed to reach out to me with love, personal service, and patience.

The last ten years I have began to understand and developed deep and abiding joy from a life living outside yourself and more focused on Christ-like service to your family and associates. I am still far from a perfect, but feel  am moving in the right direction. I am living a life of prayer, scripture study, and church attendance in full accordance with the dictates of membership. Ask me, and I will tell you why it makes me happy and enriches my life beyond my fondest dreams.

Like most members, I shudder at the ignorance and general misconceptions about my faith. As a sceptical less active member I spent much time investigating the arguments put forward by those who feel the Church is a “cult”, with a doctrine that does not believe in Christ. Many feel that we are non-christian cult, whose members blaspheme with abominations such as plural marriage, funny underwear, and weird rituals in their  temples. I have not found any information that changes my mind or dissuades me from my beliefs.

Glenn Beck, the controversial commentator,  is also a Latter Day Saint, that feels frustrated with misconceptions about the Church. Recently, on his news outlet, The Blaze TV.  he recently dedicated a show to a non-doctrinal explanation of the more controversial aspects of Mormon beliefs. The hope was to dispel some of the myths of church. He did a good job and while he certainly did not convert any millions of members of christian right that follow his show, we feel that all have a better understanding of the true nature of our beliefs and practices.

The following videos will be useful to those who missed the show and have an open mind to explore finding out more about the nature of our faith.

What Glen Has learned from his church



Temple Garments



What Do They Really Tell Us About the Candidates?

What do the character witnesses presented at the recent political conventions tell us about the candidates that are running for President of the United States? The contrast is stark and telling. On the one hand, the democrats put forth President Obama’s wife, Vice-President Joseph Biden, and Ex-President William Jefferson Clinton, while the Republicans put forth Governor Romney’s Wife, and former church members and associates, Grant Bennett, the Oparowski family, and Pam Findlayson, who had lives had been enriched touched through personal voluntary service.

Lets examine the character of the character witness put forward by both parties. First it is not fair to use the wives as character witnesses because legally they cannot testify against their husbands. Besides President Obama and Governor have exemplary families that are worthy of emulation and praise. Both have been excellent providers and Fathers. 

The Democrats presented President Clinton and Vice-President Biden. Without examining the duties of party loyalty and the desire to continue serving in office, which could influence lesser men to color their opinions, lets look at the personal integrity and backgrounds of both of these men. Biden’s past has been mired by several breaches of ethics including distorting his college record, plagiarism, nepotism and political patronage  benefits for his family. He has given apologetic speeches admitting some of the breeches. We’ve all heard about President Clinton being tried for impeachment, loosing his law license, and Astroturf truck bed antics in the White House, as well as allegations of rape and sexual harassment. We will leave you to weigh the value the endorsement value of these individuals when acting as character witnesses.

The individuals put forth to vouch for Governor Romney were not people he worked with, although some of these individuals spoke at the convention. They were people like you and I that had been touched by his service as a Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)Bishop. They were touched by highly personal compassionate service service from this wealthy individual that found the time to serve them. The stories of how Governor Romney helped them through the ordeal a childs death with the Oparowski ”see the video of their appearance below), or assisted the Finlaysons lingering 23 year illness of a premature daughter provided irrefutable testimony to the character of Governor Romney. Se the appearance video below.

Most people know little of the L.D.S.Church and there are many misconceptions about the church. (see my post about the recent segment on The Blaze T.V. for more information about the church that dispels some of the myths, questions, and mystery) Governor Romney has spent thousands of hours in the service of his church. He served two years at no pay as a missionary in France, riding a bicycle, wearing a white shirt and tie, backpack, and wearing a hard hat while facing rigorous rejection, doing missionary work in an increasingly secular France. He left wealth and privilege to do “community organizing” of the most challenging kind.

During this service, he almost lost his life in an auto accident. While building a career governor Romney served as a Mormon Bishop. A Bishop is totally responsable for 300-400 church member serving at no pay and investing as many as thirty hours a week for as long as five years, in the role of a pastor, serving their membership’s temporal and spiritual needs. These special men are called to this job by the church and must be of great character. All serve while they work their full-time jobs and tend to their own families. They all do so in a spirit of great personal sacrifice rarely found outside the church. they are GREAT men. One year of service as a Mormon Bishop in worth five years of experience as a community organizer. We cannot help but ask what kind of Man could serve in this manner while building a great company and saving the Olympic Games?

 A man’s character is said to best be measured by what he does when others are not watching. During all his public life, Governor Romney has never sought publicity for the service he has given others, in fact, he has done his best to maintain silence about what he considers a solemn obligation. This speaks volumes about him as an individual.

We leave you to consider the irrefutable facts presented above in making your decision about who is allowed to provide the leadership during the critical period in its history. Where were the people President Obama served as a Community organizer? Could it be that he spent his time threatening banks to grant bank loans to people who could not afford them and teaching Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals” organizing tactics to help Acorn further that and other subversive causes?

 Oparowski Video

Pam Finlayson

Democratic Or Republican Window Dressing?

Mayor  Antonio Villaraigosa Of Los Angeles’ comments about the Republicans using “brown and black faces” as “window dressing” to portray non-existing diversity in their convention (see Villaraigosa – window dressing ) provides insight into Democrat problems with the fading promise of hope and change for brown and black constituencies. The democratic convention star latino, articulate candidate for Obama secessionist Mayor Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, does not even speak fluent Spanish.

With real black and brown underemployment at near 20% rates, the plantation is near revolt and certainly beginning to question the abilities of Democratic mayors in their crumbling and lawless cities and the national disintegration of the schools under democrat control of the teachers unions. The unions support federal supervision of local schools and openly advocate through purchased Democratic political opposition to charter and open schools. Promises and trillions of dollars have left their neighborhoods less livable, their well-being, their illegitimate birth-rate worse shape than they were before the “War on Poverty”

All of the Brown and Black speakers at the Republican Convention came from Families that lived and benefited from the American Dream. All found the promise of America and enjoyed upward mobility in Families that resisted hand-outs and many came from families that started businesses or buried themselves in work with a desire to improve their families and keep them together in religious environments. All told of hard work by loving parents that struggled to build a world that promised more opportunity the world of their heritage.

 Mayor Villaraigosa would be well advised to be concerned. Governor Suzanna Martinez, a reformed Democrat discovered “Damn, Chuck we are Republicans”   ( see her video below) after a thoughtful consideration of her beliefs and of current political issues stances earlier in her earlier political career. More than three and a half million Latinos own their own businesses. More and more black and brown are examining their motives and questioning their roles as victims needing the shield of a Democratic party that is not delivering anything but promises.

The speech videos below were underemphasized by the superficial network coverage of the Republican Convention. They should be watched by all Americans, regardless of race or party, as they reaffirm the hope and promise of America. We urge you to take the time to watch and listen to each of these speeches, especially if you are questioning the continuing viability of our federal constitutional way of life. You cannot watch these great Americans and not realize that the promise of America is still alive. It is still  ”Morning in America” for one more election, at least.


Mia Love is the elected Mayor of Soda Springs, Utah, currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives for Utah’s 4th Congressional District. Her speech blew the lid off the convention. She does not fit the liberal black victim template, so her speech was not covered We can’t wait for this leader to provide National black leadership as a member of the house Black Caucus. See http://www.love4utah.com//


Artur Davis gave a great speech that was not well covered. He gave the nominating speech for Barack Obama at the 2008 convention in Denver. He has become very disenchanted with hope and change, as have many living in the in the ”hood”. He no longer holds office but we are sure to hear from him again and again. See http://www.officialarturdavis.com/



Ted Cruz slapped the face of the Republican elite when he, with help from the Tea Party, defeated David Dewhurst for the Texas Senate Seat in the U.S. Senate. Ted is an accomplished constitutional lawyer with a distinguished legal and academic career. From a Cuban background, where his father was imprisoned in Cuba, he has already done the impossible in beating the establishment by more than he was behind, just two months before the election. He speech was not as well received as it should have been by the party regulars at the convention, nor was it covered by the press. He gave a great speech. Six years in the Senate with his abilities will make him a national leader http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Cruz


Suzanna Martinez started as a little Mexican girl in a border town and has risen with great ability, courage, and integrity to become one of the Nation’s foremost Governors. She took over a State of New Mexico deep in debt and mired in scandal from a prior Democratic Administration. She has turned her State around; exceeding her budget and educational goals Her speech was among the best at the convention and will make her a champion and mentor of Hispanics throughout the country. Her ability, along with exemplary performances of Cruz and Rubio, forced Mayor Villaraigosa  to praise their performances at the convention as hewas quizzed by Mike Wallace on Fox News SundaySeptember 2nd., He ate his earlier opinion expressed prior to convention. I would too if I had as many Hispanic constituents as the Mayor. See http://www.governor.state.nm.us/


Most everyone has heard of Condoleezza Rice. She gave, in our opinion, one of the best speeches ever given at any convention in any time. With great intelligence, perfect phrasing and diction she irrefutably built a strong case that the world needs a strong moral leadership and that it was impossible to apologetically face the world while trying to “lead from behind”. She spoke about an exceptional America, telling her story of rising from a little girl in the segregated south that was told she could do anything and rose to become the Secretary of State. We were left with the opinion that this outstanding black woman has more to contribute. We will hear more from this great individual. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condoleezza_Rice


Nikki Haley is the Governor of South Carolina and has turned her state around, becoming one of the Nation’s leading job producers. Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa to her parents, Dr. Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa, who are Sikh immigrants from Amritsar District, Punjab, India. Haley spoke  eloquently about her State’s legal battle with the Unions and Obama administration to help Boeing exercise  its right to build a plant in South Carolina where union free workers could build jet liners. She has overcome great adversity, a democratic highly personal smear machine attacking her morality, with Tea party supportto emerge fully triumphant and in full control of the budget and growth of her state. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikki_Haley


Mario Rubio won the Florida Senate seat, defeating liberal republican party regular Charlie Crist with Tea Party support in 2010. This highly intelligent, articulate, very astute politician has all the tools to achieve future greatness. A champion of American exceptionalism and state rights federalism, he is already leading in the Senate. He related how his Father, a bartender, stood in the back of convention halls behind the bar so he could stand in the front of the room in front of a podium at the republican convention. No one, democrat or republican disparages the ability of Mario Rubio.See http://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/home